Bring the Bug Chef to San Diego Comic Con

chupacabras food truckThe part of “Chewie” (as Han Solo nicknamed him) was played by Peter Mayhew, a seven-foot-three-inches tall Britt, who, as a youngster, suffered from a genetic affliction known as Marfan Syndrome.  Now in his 70s, Mayhew wears a size 15.5 shoe. The fuzzy boots to the Chewbacca costume were even larger, about a size 16.5—a tad under 13.5 inches long.  That’s bigger than the shoes worn by some of the world’s tallest basketball players: Wilt Chamberain (who at the peak of his game was 7’ 1” tall) wore a size 15 athletic shoe, while Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (nearly 7’ 2” tall today) wears a size 16.

While we’re on the subject, Robert Wadlow, billed as the World’s Tallest Man by Ripley’s Believe It or Not! was 8 ‘ 11” tall, had an arm span of 9.5 feet and wore size 37AA shoes about 18.5” in length. His $100-a-pair leather lace-ups were provided free-of-charge by the International Shoe Company of St. Louis, Missouri.