David George Gordon announces an exciting  new weeklong program in nature-writing and illustration.

First offered at an international school in Zurich, Switzerland, this week-long workshop recruits students to research, write, illustrate and publish a field guide to the flora and fauna of their region.

For each of four days, Gordon gives assembly-style presentations on an array of useful topics– for instance, info-gathering beyond Wikipedia and Google. Gordon’s wife, and illustrator, Karen Luke Fildes assist smaller groups to refine their observations and drawing skills.  On the fifth and final day of this project, the students shared their work through a school-wide Field Guide Preview celebration.

Among the many highlights of this program are the “critter cards” created in advance to focus individual writing and drawing efforts.These trading card-like print pieces contain photos and text about specific animals and plants.  Student are encouraged to pick one of the cards, which then became the topic of their research, writing and illustrating for the week.

Contact David George Gordon to schedule a Field Guide To… workshop at your nature center or school, here.