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David George Gordon is a trained naturalist and skilled storyteller. He is available to speak on a range of topics at your next event or gathering. Subjects of his PowerPoint-illustrated presentations include:

Bigfoot: Myth or Reality
Learn about the Northwest’s mysterious Wild Man of the Woods, as described by David George Gordon, a Bigfoot expert and the author of Field Guide to the Sasquatch.  Gordon sifts through the evidence, both supporting and refuting this fascinating creature’s existence — and asks his audiences to decide for themselves.

What’s Your Watershed Address?
Within a watershed, we all live downstream. A watershed is defined by the ways that melting snow and rainwater travel across (and under) the surface of the land.  This journey makes every part of the watershed interconnected. During this presentation, you’ll learn what makes every watershed unique, how to recognize your “watershed address” and what we can do to protect the watersheds we live in.

Slugs and Snails: Life in the Very Slow Lane
Step into a world that until now, you’ve only stepped on. This overview of the land-dwelling gastropods examine the varied roles of native slugs and snails in supporting the ecological balance of forests and fields. It will also take a peek at the non-native “invaders” — those introduced species that have become garden pests — and tell what to do about helping the good ones while discouraging the bad ones in our backyards.

Experiencing Entomophagy: Are Insects Really the Food of the Future?
By raising grasshoppers instead of cattle, we could curb harmful greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 60 percent. Join the author of The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook for an adventure in bug eating and prepare yourself for the next big revolution in food production— using crickets, mealworms and other eco-friendly alternatives to beef, chicken and pork. The program includes samples of an edible insect snack (or two)  for the entire audience.


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